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Do you have it too, the autumn blues? We explain to you what is behind the mood low and what you can do against it.

The sky is cloudy. The weather is rainy. And the trees are bare. Colorful now are only the ground, covered with yellow and red leaves, and the transitional jackets, such as those in a bright green. It’s autumn, and really: outside it’s mostly cold, wet and windy – and dark.

Autumn hits your mood. Why?

The autumn blues are caused by a lack of light: This lack affects your hormone balance and thus your mood. Your body releases more of the sleep hormone melatonin. For this, less serotonin is produced, which provides feelings of happiness. In addition, less vitamin D is produced. The consequences are that you feel more tired and listless.

What helps against the low mood?

So the autumn blues is a light-related hormonal change. Fortunately, there are some effective home remedies that you can use to get rid of the mood low: Against autumn depression helps a daily dose of sunshine, sufficient exercise, and a healthy diet. And that’s exactly why Grewp offers you and your team events.

Our Top 3 Team Events Against Fall Blues

  1. Virtual Yoga: Relax and leave the autumn behind you for a moment: Spend a yoga session together and leave your (work) everyday life behind you for a while … to the event
  2. Clean Eating Lunch Break: Spend your lunch break together, preparing healthy and delicious bowls together and enjoy them together … to the event
  3. Team Sport Session: Train with each other and with a mix of different sports. For this we combine exercises from yoga, functional training, meditation and more. … to the event
You haven’t found the right team event yet? We would be happy to advise your team and you: Just talk to us – write us an email or call us. We look forward to you!

Caspar Hoffmann | Marketing & PR at GREWP