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5 questions for Jörn from elearnio

Interview participants: Jörn Köster

Jörn Köster is co-founder and co-CEO of elearnio: the web-based software for digital preboarding, onboarding & training. We asked him 5 questions about perfect onboarding and the challenge of employee retention.

The perfect onboarding, does it even exist?

If there is a goal for onboarding, concretely defined milestones to be achieved and a clear expectation, then that is already very good in my view.
Basically, it becomes clear within the first 3-6 months whether new employees and the
employees and the company fit together. If both can tick the
If both can tick the box with satisfaction, the onboarding is successful.

What exactly is hidden behind preboarding and do companies already have it on their radar?

By preboarding we mean the time between the signing of the new
contract and the first day of work. In between, there can be 4 weeks to 3
months, depending on the notice period. In about 30 per cent of all companies
the number of terminations before the first working day increases from year to year. It
to retain employees at an early stage, and preboarding is a perfect opportunity to do so.
is a perfect opportunity. It starts with connecting with new colleagues, sharing social media content about the company or initial information about the new role.

Employee retention saves immense costs. What role do training and
training and development opportunities?

According to the annual Gallup study, one in three employees feels that their employer does not employees do not feel sufficiently supported by their employer when it comes to supporting. Among employees who feel fully supported in digital training, the emotional attachment is a good three times higher (27 per cent) than for employees who do not. Employees for whom this is not the case. For me, that sums it up quite well.

In which element of the employee lifecycle do you currently see the greatest deficits?

For me, retaining employees, whether new or existing, is currently the most elementary
the most fundamental topic in the entire employee lifecycle. As before, only
about 17 percent of employees* have an emotional bond with their employer.

In addition, the willingness to change companies has never been as high as it is today.
Been as high as it is today. Digital offers for further education and preparation for new
for new challenges are an essential key here in my view. *Gallup Study 2021

What do you see as the top 3 challenges for HR in the coming years?

● Retention of employees – How should the joint cooperation feel, after 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years?

● Employee wellbeing – There are more and more mental
challenges. At the same time, the pace of digital development is accelerating
and collaboration is becoming more agile. This sometimes pushes employees to their
limits. Companies need to find good, optimally digital offers and solutions.

● New talent – Growth only through hiring new employees is no longer an option.
is no longer an option. Companies need to be aware of the challenges
and offer solutions to train and upskill existing employees to avoid
existing employees in order not to be dependent on the war for talents.

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Jörn Köster from elearnio


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