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About CO2 neutrality, planting trees and happy Earth Day!

On the occasion of this very special day, we would like to give you a little insight into our current heart project – namely, our project to become greener.

As a young company, we have the responsibility to take our future into our own hands 🤝 and act today for tomorrow. Sustainability as well as a conscious handling of our resources are very important and in our opinion no longer indispensable in our everyday life. However, as important as the topic of sustainability is, it is also complex:

  • How much CO2 do we actually consume in our everyday working lives?
  • Can we even become a green company if we work on our laptops and send e-mails every day? And how much CO2 do e-mails actually consume?
  • Are we automatically much more ecological when we work from home?

Questions like these have been on our minds for a long time, and together as a team we have been looking for ideas to keep our “environmental” impact as low as possible. There are many simple ways to be more environmentally conscious. Nevertheless, we have found that we simply cannot avoid certain carbon footprints in our everyday lives through the use of technology and our commutes.

But… where there´s will, there´s a way!

For this reason, we decided to get professional support to become a certified CO2 neutral company. We have recently started working with Planted, a company that helps us step by step to reduce our emissions in order to achieve the goal of certification. The company’s expertise and know-how show us how we can work together to combat global warming through everyday actions.

In addition, with compensation programs of Planted monthly trees are planted for us and we thus contribute to the reforestation of climate-neutral mixed forests in Germany. As we know, trees are real environmental heroes. They bind climate-damaging CO2 and release important O2. We are therefore happy about every single tree that is planted for us. In addition, through our cooperation we support with Planted, many certified climate protection projects that help offset emissions. YAY!!!

We are very excited to partner with Planted and contribute to a greener future. Perhaps we have inspired you to take an important step in the right direction today? Join us and become green 💚! #foragreenerfuture

How you can become greener, too

Becoming a CO2 neutral company is a process and requires time and discipline. There are many aspects that need to be considered regarding the environment and social and environmental sustainability.

What is important, however, is that every action, no matter how small, is of great significance. Simply being willing to be more aware of the environment and the consequences of one’s own actions is an important step.

We have a few easy Tipps und Tricks collected for you, which will help you in your (professional) everyday life a little greener to live:



  • Avoid plastic: For example, take Tupperware with you when you get food during your lunch breaks.
  • Renounce as well as possible on individual journeys with the own PkW and fall back on the Bicycle or public means of transport. If this is not possible, perhaps car pooling is an option?
  • Turn off your devices properly during your breaks and after work
  • Also removes the power cable after 100% charge.
  • Alternatively research: Uses the search engine Ecosia instead of Google.
  • Regularly clean up online: Deleting unnecessary emails and browsing history already helps a lot!


  • Get involved in sustainable projects together, such as clean-ups in your cities. You can also choose a specific day of the year, such as Earth Day!
  • Communicate with each other and inform each other about Sustainable Solutions.
  • Continuing education: Participate together in sustainability workshops.


  • Buy and consume seasonal and local products.
  • Select providers & cooperation partners consciously: For example, use DHL Go Green for parcel shipping.
  • Also acquire your certification as a CO2 neutral company.

…and, and, and.

We hope we could give you some inspiration and ideas on the way, how you can already act today for a greener future.

Lea Schmidt | Customer Relations Manager & Environmental Officer at GREWP