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Personnel development rethought – the cooperation for sustainable HR

Personnel development is one of the most demanding but also most future-relevant challenges for companies in the coming years. Digitalization is changing the way we work, and the shortage of skilled workers is transforming the labor market from an employer to an employer- to an employee market and the increasing pressure of competition requires companies to work ever more efficiently and effectively. But how do I as a company implement and maintain a holistic and sustainable personnel development concept?

GREWP: Personnel development at a team level

An important component of personnel development is the establishment and further development of harmonious and productive teams. Companies are basically organized into units: Sectors, departments, project teams. This not only brings together a wide variety of professional backgrounds, but also heterogeneous characteristics, mindsets and cultural influences. Organizing all these people into functioning units is thus an ongoing task. While the overarching HR strategy is the responsibility of the HR departments, it is Team development mostly the task of managers. However, managers often have only very limited HR competencies.

An important task is thus to create simple opportunities for team development and to enable managers to use these in a meaningful and targeted way. GREWP’s marketplace solution offers a diverse portfolio of virtual and physical teambuilding measures. All measures are subjected to quality assurance prior to connection as well as on an ongoing basis and curated in a way that is appropriate for the target group. In addition, GREWP offers a question-based search mask via which the needs of a team can be identified. (ex. Confidence building, conflict resolution or reward) identifies and assigns suitable team building measures based on evidence. The search mask thus offers a support tool for managers and promotes added value and sustainability of team development.

Growify: Personnel development at employee level

In addition to staff development at the team level, each employee should receive training and development in accordance with the requirements of their role. To implement a data-driven Human Resources Development At the individual level, a company-wide structural model is recommended in which role profiles are created, required skills are assigned to the respective role profiles, and then requirements are defined through which employees can learn skills.

To this end, Growify’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provides the basis for a learning ecosystem for which organizations can create profiles and skills and then define necessary requirements or learning activities. The result is a measurable learning environment consisting of formal, informal, and real-world Development opportunities.

GREWP and Growify: Working together for holistic personnel development

A “perfect match”?

Modern workforce development requires digital solution. Growify implements this through a SaaS solution and GREWP through the marketplace approach.

HR needs to move away from “we’ll just try something” to KPI-based and thus measurable approaches and solutions. Growify makes HR development measurable on an individual level – GREWP on a team level. Thus, personnel development becomes a data-based control variable in the overarching corporate strategy.

Growify has built a database of over 1,000 skills. GREWP works with Need: what are the needs of teams and how can they be addressed?

Decentralized personnel development
Each individual in the company must be empowered to manage his or her own development and the development of the team. Personnel development is thus shifting from a task for which only the HR department is responsible to a topic for which every employee assumes partial responsibility. With Growify, each employee can manage their own development – team leaders can monitor and manage this for their team. GREWP empowers everyone to find targeted team building measures and apply them precisely. The HR department thus becomes an empowering control unit and multiplier, while team leaders and employees become self-determined implementers.

Our Top 3 Tips for a sustainable HR

Personnel development starts at the individual level and continues at the team level. It must therefore be thought about and implemented at both levels. If both levels are played with, a company achieves maximum effects that have a positive impact on the employer experience, employer branding and the company’s productivity.

Data runs the world
HR must become increasingly digital and data-driven. Only in this way can meaningful goals be planned, tracked and made measurable.

Everyone becomes an HR ambassador
HR is no longer just the responsibility of the HR department. Team leaders play a central role in the development of their employees and teams, but every employee can also promote HR development on an individual and team level.

You can now select GREWP’s team building activities as skill development requirements in Growify’s learning ecosystem. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about workforce development or GREWP and Growify solutions.


Level up your Skills!
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Angelika Birk | Co-Founder of GREWP