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We have five tips for you on how to find suitable Christmas gifts for your family, friends, and also work colleagues.

It’s almost Christmas! This includes festive decorations, delicious food, and just loving gifts. But what do you give your loved ones at home or your colleagues at work? Whether it’s Christmas presents for Christmas Eve or Secret Santa at work: finding the right gift is not that easy. So that you don’t just give away vouchers again this year, we have five tips for you to find suitable Christmas gifts.

Five tips for suitable Christmas gifts

1. think about it, but don’t put yourself under pressure

You ponder back and forth and give it some thought. But you just can’t think of what you’re going to give your mother-in-law or your boss for Christmas. Yes, finding Christmas gifts for your mother-in-law or even your boss is really not easy. Anyway, don’t put yourself under pressure! Rather think that you will give someone a joy with your gift.

2. listen to what the or the other likes – and make yourself (unnoticed) notes

Watch what – conscious or unconscious – clues for Christmas gifts someone else says (or writes) to you. And write down those hints for later, for example, using a note-taking app. Does your partner want a certain book? Or does your best friend tell you what wine he or she likes best? A tip for wine and co. as a gift: Find out in advance whether the person consumes alcohol at all.

3. gifts must be neither large nor expensive

Christmas gifts are not a competition. So it is not about giving away the largest or most expensive gift possible. Christmas gifts should give the recipient a joy. And authentic, perhaps also still useful gifts like yet everyone much rather than loveless splurge!

4. give you trouble with the packing

Yes, wrapping paper and ribbons are not for everyone. Still, you should wrap a nice Christmas gift beautifully, using a suitable (Christmas) wrapping paper or even a matching gift bag – such as for a wine bottle. Messy folding techniques with way too much tape are still better than no wrapping at all. In case of doubt: let pack.

5. coupons are also okay

If you ultimately have no idea what you will give away – or the ordered gift will not even arrive in time, – then vouchers and gift cards are also okay. You can make them yourself or buy. Give away vouchers or gift cards together with Christmas cards.

A Pre-Christmas season without a Christmas party? Unthinkable! Admittedly: Due to the Corona pandemic and the infection control measures, company Christmas parties are probably not possible this year either – at least not such Christmas parties as before the Corona pandemic.

Instead, online Christmas parties are on offer again this year. Curious? Grewp has the right online Christmas party for your team and you!

Online Christmas Party Events

Find the right offer for your online Christmas party event. We will be happy to advise you.