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I am Lisa and I am studying Business Psychology in Frankfurt. During my two-month internship at GREWP I was able to immerse myself in the world of team building. My conclusion: Team building is not only fun, but brings long-term added value to the entire company. I would like to share with you some things I learnt from my internship. Here is a summary of my top 10 reasons why every company should firmly integrate team building into its routines:

Promote satisfaction

An active design of the working environment promotes a “feeling of well-being” in the team. Better cooperation and rewards through teambuilding activities make the individual employee much more satisfied. Happy employees and joint activities lead to a satisfied team.

Increase performance

Through communication and the development of stronger bonds between employees, the productivity and work ethic of each team member increases. The result is more effective group work processes and better performance of the team as a whole.

Strengthen self-knowledge and self-awareness of the employees
Through the use of goal-oriented team building activities, individual strengths and development potentials are identified and ensure better self-knowledge. Self-reflection also has positive effects on group dynamics and cooperation.

Providing variety

Team building offers the possibility to leave the familiar and familiar working environment. New thought processes are stimulated by creative and different cooperation and sources of motivation for normal work are created.

Spreading trust and willingness to trust

By confronting new challenges and experiencing common tasks, trust among employees grows. The result is a greater willingness to work for the team and its colleagues.

Showing appreciation for employees

An appreciative handling belongs to the basic needs of humans. As a result, respect, recognition and appreciation in the workplace are strong and lasting motivators. Appreciation is also essential for employee loyalty and satisfaction.

Making team spirit tangible

Actively shaping the corporate culture has a positive effect on the atmosphere in the company and the employer image. In this way, existing employees are retained in the long term and an attractive brand is created for potential new employees.

Creating shared memories

Employees now demand more from their employers than just the provision of work and salary. Having fun and being active together can create lasting memories. Thus positive leisure time experiences are transferred to everyday work life.

Looking beyond the edge of the plate

Through activities and coaching that deviate strongly from classic work content, teams can break out of deadlocked structures and employees can leave their comfort zones. This creates a breeding ground for creativity and innovation in the company.

Developing teams permanently

The development of teams should be seen as a process. In all stages of a team, the use of different activities and coaching can have positive effects. In order to achieve the desired effect for the individual situation of each team, the selection of the appropriate measure is critical for success.


Lisa Birk | Intern Marketing & Business Development at GREWP