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5 questions to...
5 questions to Rasmus Sinn

Interview participants: Rasmus Sinn

Rasmus worked for GREWP as a student trainee for one and a half years. During his bachelor studies in psychology at Goethe University Frankfurt, he supported us with his knowledge in organizational psychology as well as his analytical skills in needs analysis and business development. Starting in October, he will now devote himself full-time to his Master’s degree. We asked Rasmus 5 questions and asked him about his experiences and learnings at GREWP.

With what expectations did you come to GREWP? / What expectations did you have of the startup GREWP?

When I applied to GREWP, I was primarily looking for a varied and stimulating job that I could do alongside my studies. Previously, I had worked as a temp in retail for a long time and realized that the job was too monotonous for me in the long run. That’s why I found joining a young startup very attractive and was looking forward to challenges that I hadn’t encountered in previous part-time jobs or in my very theoretically oriented studies. I also started with the expectations of entering a very relaxed and dynamic working atmosphere and becoming part of a small, friendly team.

How would you describe your work experience as a working student at GREWP? / What was your experience at GREWP?

At GREWP, I was able to work independently on different projects from the beginning. In doing so, I first got to know the way a startup works in its early stages and enjoyed a pleasant and friendly working relationship. Most of the time in the home office, I was in regular contact with Angelika and Frank to talk about tasks or to work on something together. Away from the daily work routine, I was also able to have some nice experiences at GREWP.

In what way were you able to link the contents of your psychology studies with the work at GREWP?

My work at GREWP was always a pleasant change from my theoretical study content. In addition, I was definitely able to benefit from the knowledge gained at university when tackling tasks at GREWP. In a module on diagnostic procedures and their applications, for example, we learned how a questionnaire construction works, from the definition of the constructs to be surveyed to the item selection and analysis to the implementation and evaluation of the questionnaire. This made it easier for me to develop surveys for GREWP. I was also already familiar with topics and terms from industrial and organizational psychology that I encountered in my work. Other, less content-related aspects of the course, such as scientific literature research or independent organization and time management, were also helpful to me.

What have you learned during your time at GREWP / How have you grown professionally or personally at GREWP?

The time at GREWP has enriched me in many ways. For one, I simply learned a lot about the work and internal processes of a startup, and of course I always came across new things through my projects and research. While working, I learned a lot about myself and my way of working, encountered strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand, it was overall a nice personal experience to work together with Angelika and Frank and others from the team and also to experience cool moments together in private sometimes, such as a virtual cocktail evening.

What does it mean for you to work in a team?

For me, working in a team means being able to rely on others and at the same time being reliable for others. In my eyes, it is this combination of trust and responsibility that makes working in a team unique. In addition, I think cooperation always includes the motivating prospect that you can achieve more as a collective than alone.

Rasmus Sinn | Working Student Psychology at GREWP

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Rasmus Team Member from GREWP


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