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5 Questions for Kevin from Studio RUMO

Interview participant: Kevin from Studio RUMO

Kevin has turned his passion into a business: boxing. He is a passionate boxer and boxing trainer and thought: what works for groups in private is also perfect for teams in companies. Studio RUMO offers boxing and self-defence courses for teams on site in Frankfurt or virtually.

What distinguishes a good team for you?

The close cohesion in stressful times. The bond must go beyond the usual small talk.

How did your passion for boxing and boxing training come about?

I used to be very shy and reserved. As a result, I was often bullied and didn’t find any social followers. I wanted to change this. I became very interested in martial arts through films and overcame myself to take part in a trial training for the first time at the age of 14. At the beginning I was worried that I would be hurt by over-motivated training partners, but this cliché was not confirmed at all. Everyone was great, friendly and helpful. As time went by, I noticed that I was able to build up a lot of self-confidence through boxing training.

Boxing as teambuilding. Which teams is it suitable for?

Boxing as teambuilding is suitable for all teams that want to build a close bond and be more balanced by reducing stress. This makes it easier to resolve difficult situations in everyday working life. Furthermore, back pain is also prevented through special exercises.

What effects does joint boxing have on the team?

Boxing together strengthens team cohesion enormously. Partner exercises are the best way to strengthen the bond between the team members. Boxing is also a great sport to keep the general fitness level high.

Ein Teil eines Teams zu sein bedeutet für mich…

…das beste Leben zu leben, sowohl in guten als auch in schlechten Zeiten, gemeinsam.

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