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European Football Championship 2021:

Team events (not only) for soccer fans

Increase your “we-feeling” now through online team events and virtual team building: The European Football Championship 2021 as the perfect occasion for great experiences and lasting memories.

The most important facts about the 2021 European Football Championship

Who is playing?
24 teams, including Germany

When will be played?
51 matches from Friday, June 11 (opening match in Rome), to Sunday, July 11, 2021 (final in London)

Where will be played?
Elf venues, including Munich

The broadcast of the 2021 European soccer championships on free TV

The European Football Championship should have already taken place in the summer of 2020. However, it was postponed because of the Corona crisis. Due to the Corona crisis, it is also still unclear whether and if so, how many spectators will be allowed in the stadium during the 2021 European Football Championship. Spectator participation is controversial.

For this reason, the broadcasting of the European Championship matches on television and the Internet is all the more important. However, not all soccer matches of the European Football Championship 2021 will be shown on free TV in Germany. After all, ARD and ZDF will broadcast most of the European Championship matches, including all group games with the German national team and all matches in the K.-o.-Phase.

Football EM 2021 with GREWP as a team event with beer and snack packages

Watch the 2021 European Football Championship with your team

Do you and your team want to watch the European Football Championship 2021 together – despite the Corona crisis and home office? Then meet up with your team online: Arrange to meet and watch the European Championship matches together, for example using video telephony or an instant messenger service.

Three things about the 2021 European Football Championship you should know:

  • Germany is in EM Group F and will face France, Portugal and Hungary in the group stage.
  • Germany will play France on June 15, Portugal on June 19 and Hungary on June 23. The knockout stage will begin on June 26.
  • The venues for the European Championship Group F are Munich and Budapest. Munich will also host a match in the quarterfinals.

European Football Championship 2021: Bet on the Results

Soccer alone is not enough for you? But also times with each other and against each other on the results of the European Championship games. The winner or the winner will then receive a prize at the end of the European Football Championship 2021 – offer something and put together for it before you go.

Five phrases for the 2021 European Football Championship that will make you an expert:

  • “You want to score an early goal.”
  • “They have to make the spaces tight.”
  • “Everything is still possible.”
  • “Germany is a tournament team.”
  • “He has to make that one.”

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