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5 Questions to the GREWP CTO & CO-Founder
Interviewee: Frank Marschall


Because GREWP stands for growing together as a group (grow/grew as a group) and I want to live and spread this philosophy!


Which central tasks do you see for yourself as Co-Founder and CTO?

In the role of CTO, clearly the technical support and further development of the online platform. We want to continuously automate all processes in order to make its use as pleasant as possible for customers and providers. In addition, as Co-Founder I am involved in the development of the company and the implementation of our strategy.  


What do you see as the biggest challenge for GREWP in 2020?

For GREWP as a platform solution, the first priority is to increase awareness and reach. For me as CTO, this means an intensive engagement with the topic of search engine optimization. In addition, we want to increasingly digitize currently manually designed processes in order to work more efficiently and profitably.


What personal relevance does the topic of team building have for you?

I have always been fascinated by social and team structures. In a professional context, team members are more than just colleagues – they are a substitute for family, friends and companions. Properly used team building measures can optimally support and promote this complex construct. The result: satisfied employees, increased productivity and intensive identification with the company.


GREWP in 3 years: what is your vision?

In 3 years GREWP will stand for team building, team development and CSR activities.  

GREWP CTO Frank Marschall


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