Virtual Walkinar

Virtual coaching to deal with everyday life

Virtual Walkinar

  • virtuell
  • 4 - 150+ persons
  • all day
  • 100 - >200€ p.p.
  • German, English

In this all day virtual “Walkinar” Seminar participants – small or big – go on their own journey and are supported by the concept of goal oriented impulse questions and techniques. This way they are set in motion for reflectionas an individual and group session so that they have new perspectives and strategies for work.

Themes: The focus of this coaching is on personal challenges, each participant has from their Home Office; online studies or workday are characterized as social isolation. Since everyone brings his/her own topics,a wide variety is possible. The Walkinar is ideally suited to meet the requirements of a wide variety of topics.

Some examples:

  • Separation of work and private life
  • Lack of drive and motivation
  • Difficulty concentrating on work at home
  • Challenges of digital communication
  • Uncertainty of job situation
  • Weakening relationships and loneliness
  • Team conflict
  • Self confrontation
  • and lots more

Important: These topics can be customized to fit team’s needs

Das Walkinar-package contains:

in advance:

  • 1x Welcome package included. Walkinar-accompanying book and FeelGoodies (Provision product)
  • if needed, support in choosing an appropriate hiking route nearby

Seminar day:

  • 1h analogue or digital Seminar introduction in the group by the coaches
  • 15min Individual coaching during the hike by call (or in the following week)
  • 2,5-4h analogue or digital reflexion, hypothesising and development of implications in small groups
  • Design of an individual 7-Day-Challenge to integrate one’s findings into everyday life


  • 7-Day-Challenge with documentation in Walkinar-manual
  • digital exchange with the group and coaches

digital Follow-Up (End of following week):

  • 1,5h digital reflection of challenge in the group

We would be happy to make an individual offer that fits your specific needs

Outline Data

  • Moderated:
  • Yes


  • Solve conflicts
  • Become a team
  • Encourage self-reflection
  • Improve communication


  • Solve conflicts
  • Become a team
  • Encourage self-reflection
  • Improve communication

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