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Stand with Ukraine Quiz Event

small actions, big impacts

Stand with Ukraine Quiz Event

  • virtuell
  • 1 - 100 persons
  • 2 Hours
  • <50€ p.p.
  • English

We would like to help with the resources and possibilities we have to simplify the arrival of Ukrainian refugees in Germany as much as possible. That’s why we want to create moments of joy and lightness with our teambuilding events and simplify integration.

With the “Stand with Ukraine Quiz Event” we bring together teams and Ukrainian refugees to work together in the framework of the Quiz Events to have fun together. The event is guaranteed to provide plenty of variety, so that everyone can perhaps take their minds off things for a little while.

Our host leads the group through this fast-paced online game show. Everyone shares their knowledge and logs an answer.

But is it the right one? Our presenter reveals the answer!

What awaits you here is not a pure question-and-answer game – different types of tasks keep the tension and the pace high:
Who buzzes first and gets extra points for the fastest answer?
Who will gamble bravely with his points and win the super bonus (or lose his bet)?

The quiz show takes place via video conference while the guests answer the tasks on their smartphones. You can use our event app or the browser version. In addition, the event will be held entirely in English.

We would be happy if you and your teams would become part of the project.

The whole thing goes like this:

  1. You book the team event together as a team
  2. n addition, you book a number of places for refugees with (freely selectable)
  3. We distribute the places by random generator to registered refugees (adults & children)
  4. As soon as all seats are filled and your desired date has arrived, we are ready to go!
  5. Have Fun!

In addition 15% of the total amount to Ukrainian aid organizations is donated! And you get to choose together at the end of the event for which one.

Please let us know how many seats you would like to reserve for the refugees.

Outline Data

  • Moderated:
  • Yes
  • Communication Medium:
  • MS Teams | Zoom | Team invite | Google Meet


  • Ein Team werden
  • Create a we-culture
  • Experience deceleration
  • Have fun


  • Ein Team werden
  • Create a we-culture
  • Experience deceleration
  • Have fun

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What happens if you have to postpone the event?

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What are the covid hygiene measures?

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