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Summer + fun = Summer Party!

We love summer and we love parties: what’s better than the warm days and an exuberant mood? Right! Both combined: it’s getting warmer and the sun brings the motivation and good mood back into the teams. That’s why GREWP now not only helps you organize your perfect team event, but provides you with all-round inspiration and ideas for the perfect corporate summer in your company.

 Summer Bundles with GREWP

Every successful summer party consists of three building blocks: Location, Activities at the party and Catering. That’s why we at GREWP have developed a modular system that allows you to create your perfect party with just a few clicks. There are no limits to flexibility: You already have a location and are still looking for exciting activities and delicious catering? No problem! Or are you still at the very beginning of planning and looking for the right offer for each module? Then send us your completed Formula conveniently and we will create an individual offer, tailor-made according to your wishes!

 Our promise

Organizing team events and functions can take a lot of time and in the end there is always the question: this measure really corresponds to what I want for my team.

That’s why all of our offerings go through a rigorously curated process to ensure the Ensure quality of the event.

GREWP also saves you the time of searching the web for the right activity: We tailor our offer exactly to your ideas and include your needs in the selection of events. This way we ensure the quality of the events and your satisfaction!


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Catering summer parties

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​Request your individual summer party

We are happy to advise you. Find the perfect summer party for your team! We will be happy to put together an individual offer for you.


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