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Recommend GREWP and plant trees

We plant trees!

What an adventure!

It’s time to say “Thank you!”: We are very happy that you have decided to join a Teamevent from GREWP. We had a lot of fun working with you! We hope you had as memorable a time with your team as we did.

Finally, we would like to recommend < strong > an action to you: GREWP may stand for a bright emotional, rational orange, but deep in our chest beats a green heart too! Spread some green love!💚

Common activity
1. Joint activity
Colleagues Recommend

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we plant a tree
3. We plant a tree
official certificate

4. Get an official certificate

We plant trees🌳 ‘cause trees🌳 work!

You may have already noticed, but many of our events are related to nature or bring you a little closer to the flora and fauna. But we don’t only want to do something good for you and your team, we also want to thank the basis of our life – our earth! 🌍

Projekt “We plant trees!”

Only 3-4 % of the total land area present and yet home to over half of all animal and plant species: The rainforest is still a huge mystery and far from being fully explored. Yet the danger is more real than ever: every minute, around 42 Soccer fields of rainforest has been cut down.

When we close our eyes and briefly think of this huge bare expanse, it sends shivers down our spines. That’s why we decided to do something about it:
We would like to combine our goal of bringing our clients’ teams closer together again and solving internal conflicts with our ecological goal! You liked your activity at GREWP? Great! Because for every recommendation from you we plant a tree and are thus reforesting the forests in Latin America.

That’s how it works!

​You have booked an event with us and carried it out with your team

  1. You are convinced that the colleagues of the other teams in your company also absolutely need a Team event
  2. Your colleagues can book an event of their choice with us – we plant a tree
  3. You will receive an official certificate issued to you with photo of the tree and seal of quality to ensure our process

See you next time!

Only through feedback we can improve! So do not hesitate to send us your personal Send feedback. We look forward to seeing you at the next Team event think of us again!

Best wishes
Your team from GREWP