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Restart: Your return to the office

Your team will now grow even closer together

Lockdowns and home office duties are now over. That’s why many of you are now returning to the office. We present you tips and events so that the reunion of your team can succeed.


Behind you are exhausting and also difficult months: many of you have since March 2020 only worked in the home office – and have thereby seen your colleagues at best in video calls.

Some of you have been on short-time work. And some of you have lost your previous jobs. Regardless of how you’ve spent the covid pandemic to this point, you can be proud of what you’ve accomplished over the past few months.

The covid pandemic has changed us and also the way we work. Turbulent times therefore lie not only behind us, but also ahead of us: where do we go from here? And how will teams work together in the future?


Rediscover Your Team Spirit

We believe that teams will now grow even closer together – and so will your team: You will make it happen because what binds you together is you! But first you have to rediscover your team spirit.

To do this, use your experiences from the covid pandemic: you probably had to test new ways of working together and alternative ways of communicating anyway. Now evaluate your experiences: What worked, what didn’t? And what of it do you want to continue in the future? Go your way to reboot your teamwork!


Tips for your return to the office

  • Take your time and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. After all, there are turbulent times behind you. Instead, rather first of all rediscover your team spirit, for example, with the help of team events for teambuilding.
  • Take (more) consideration for each other and go to each other.
  • Get to know each other again and find out what is currently bothering you.
  • Be sure to ask yourself what you expect: How do you want and can you work together in the future? Think about it, what models to work places and working hours you want to apply.

No matter how you will work together in the future: We have the right team events for your team building. Find out now what we offer you – we are looking forward to your team!

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