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5 questions to Ronny from GetOut Training
Interview Participant: Ronny
Ronny from GetOut Training in an interview about the importance of sports for companies and online team building. GetOut is a provider at GREWP and since Corona also offers online sports courses for teams. Ronny and his team have adapted quickly to the new situation and try to support companies in the best possible way.

What does Corona mean for you at GetOut Training?

First and foremost Corona means for us that we have to pause all outdoor training until the restrictions are lifted. Now it was up to us to get creative and think new. So we, like many others, started offering our workouts online at the usual times. Since the focus of our units is primarily on training with your own body (without machines and aids), this could be implemented very quickly. It was very important for us that our teams could continue to do sports together, despite spatial separation, and stay in touch.

How relevant do you see the topics of sports and health for companies?

I see it as the employer’s responsibility to offer measures that counteract the prevention of work-related complaints. If, for example, you have to sit a lot for your job or have to take on a one-sided burden, your company should provide you with access to appropriate compensation offers. Of course, this does not release the employee from doing something for his or her health in his or her free time. Sport is also a good way to bring people together.

What can be achieved by doing sport together as a team?

Team sports in particular are about finding out in advance where each “player” has his or her individual strengths and weaknesses so that they can be used accordingly. Jointly set goals can be reached the fastest as a team if everyone can use their individual strengths in the best possible way. In addition, good leadership by the captain who guides, motivates and holds the team together is required.

Doing sports together helps to bring employees closer together and define common goals as part of a group. These goals can be the joint completion of a workout or the completion of a project. The group dynamic mechanisms behind this are identical and positive effects can be transferred.

Online team building – is that even possible?

As humans we are connected on different levels. If the level of spatial proximity (e.g. smell, “aura”, tactile stimuli) is omitted, the visual and the auditory level still remain. The omission of one level requires the strengthening of other levels. Team buildings cannot simply be switched from “offline” to “online”, but have to be adapted to the general conditions in a well thought-out way. Online team building therefore requires new approaches – for providers as well as for participants. At the same time, it also offers numerous opportunities in the future to connect employees who do not permanently work together in the same place.

Ronny, an outlook: What will be important for teams when the situation relaxes again?

I can’t answer this question in general. In my opinion, it depends on the constellation of how a team worked together before the crisis. The restoration of a structured working day will certainly play a major role for most people at the beginning. In the next step, I hope that topics such as the uncomplicated option of having a home office will find their place in the future of the working world.


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